Day of Fundraising

I volunteered to make a few cupcakes for my Church's Young Women's Fundraiser. They are raising money to attend a state wide summer camp up in Duluth, MN. They held a bake sale as well as cleaning & detailing cars today. I just whipped up a few of these creations and hoped for the best...
A 7Up inspired Cupcake (similar to the Coca Cola cupcake)- A lemon lime cupcake with lemon butter cream and candied lemon and lime strings on top.
Andes Mint cupcake. Andes mint chunks in the cupcake with mint butter cream, chocolate drizzle and a Andes Mint of course.
Classic Vanilla Bean Cupcake. Vanilla bean cake, with vanilla bean butter cream sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
A mouth watering Mississippi Mud Cupcakes. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Filling, Chocolate butter cream, Marshmallows, Chocolate Drizzle, & Chopped Pecan's.
I heard the sale was a success!

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